Corsair ML120 PRO LED 120mm PWM Premium Fan Review – The Magnetic Levitation Fan

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Corsair ML120 PRO LED Packaging and Closer Look

Corsair’s packaging is very efficient, compact and looks nice. You can see a picture of the product on the front side, and at the back you can read the features and some specifications of the ML120 fan. It’s also noticeable that the box is a little bit thicker than the usual and quite sturdy as well.

Inside, you see the Corsair ML120 PRO LED fan cradled on another box that serves as its padding and provides additional protection. Aside from the ML120 fan, you also get a leaflet regarding warranty, four screws and two tie wires.

The Corsair ML120 PRO LED fan is a little bit heavy but feels very sturdy compared to your typical 120mm fans. It’s rated to run from speeds of 400 RPM up to 2400 RPM, and with a CFM rating of 12 to 75 and static pressure of 0.2 to 4.2 mmAq. If I am not mistaken, the ML series was designed to provide cooling performance that is somewhere in between a high static pressure fan and a high airflow fan. Thanks to this design, you can use the ML120 as an air intake or exhaust, or to cool a radiator or CPU cooler. The Corsair ML120 PRO LED fan makes use of a 4-pin PWM connector that will enable you to control its fan speed from 400RPM up to 2400 RPM.

The black frame is very sturdy, you can’t easily bend or even flex it unlike other fans. The white corner caps on the edges, where you insert the screws, are also made out of hard plastic. The grey material in between the corner caps and black frame are rubber and suppresses vibration that produces noise. You can remove the corner caps if you plan to change the color, but I find it very hard to remove them. You need to apply more push pressure so that it will be ejected. The package doesn’t include extra corner caps but you can buy some at Corsair’s online store, under the Cooling and Corsair Link section.

The fan blades are made of a frosted or semi-transparent plastic material. Thanks to its transparent and frosted characteristics, the light coming from the LEDs is somehow distributed. Not really evenly since there are only four LEDs in the middle, but somehow it makes the fan looks glowing.

Let’s move on to the next page and see how the Corsair ML120 PRO LED performs in action…

Latest pricing and availability for Corsair ML120 PRO LED MagLev Fans:
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For UK, available at Amazon UK here
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