Friday , 19 December 2014

Sound Devices 633 – A Must Have Compact Field Mixer and Digital Recorder

Sound Devices 633 review-01

The Sound Devices 633 is a very powerful field mixer and digital recorder at a very compact housing. It’s basically a 6-input field mixes with 10-track digital recorder. Despite its compact body, the company was able to incorporate essential features into the 633. It features three high-bandwidth XLR preamplifiers, AES3 and AES42 for digital microphones, HP filter, Pan, Fader, Trim ... Read More »

NZXT S340 Case Review – A Compact Mid Tower Chassis

NZXT Source 340 Mid Tower Case Review

A few months ago, NZXT introduced a new case for their Source series. The Source series is primarily geared toward budget conscious builders. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that their H series and Phantom series have. But it has the key features and the essential elements to house all your components, in a simple yet elegant way. Today ... Read More »

Microsoft Windows KB3004394 Causing GPU Driver Issues and More in Windows 7

Microsoft Windows KB3004394 Update

A few days ago, Microsoft released the MS KB3004394 updated which, unfortunately, caused some problems and drivers issues. The KB3004394 update somehow prevented users to install or perform updates, specially AMD’s new Catalyst Omega driver. The update not only brought problems to AMD users alone, but also to NVIDIA users as well. It is recommended that the MS KB3004394 be ... Read More »

Best Gaming Monitors You Should Get This Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and it’s also one of the best times to treat the gamer within you. Time to upgrade your monitor into some of the best gaming monitors the market has to offer. I know there are lots of monitors to choose from and sometimes it could get really confusing which one you should go for. ... Read More »