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Storage Drive

Sony SLW-M SSD Released – Sony’s First Smart and Ultra-Fast SSD

Sony recently made, a somewhat, surprising news with their first consumer solid state drive or SSD – the Sony SLW-M SSD series. The Sony SLW-M series is the company’s first “smart and ultra-fast SSD designed to greatly enhance your PC’s performance for improved usability”. The SATA SSD market is very saturated already and most popular SSDs have already hit the …

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Seagate Enterprise 10TB Helium Drive Launched

Seagate Enteprise 10TB Helium HDD

If 8TB of capacity is no longer enough, Seagate got you covered with their new Seagate Enterprise 10TB Helium Drive. It’s the company’s first 10TB hard drive to feature Helium technology. These new drives are designed to address storage demands on Cloud-Based Data Centers and are chosen by global enterprise leaders like Huawei and Alibaba for their high capacity and …

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Seagate NAS HDD 8TB Capacity Launched, Currently the Highest Capacity for NAS Applications

Seagate NAS 8TB HDD

Seagate is pushing the boundaries of hard drive capacity. Last year, they announced that they will be releasing new high capacity hard drives, up to 8TB in capacity for enterprise use, SMB, RAID applications and NAS. These new drives do not only feature higher capacity but better performance as well. Today, Seagate launches the highest-capacity NAS hard drive for small …

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WD My Book Pro External Storage with Thunderbolt 2 Now Available, See Features, Specs and Price

WD My Book Pro External Storage

The WD My Book Pro is the company’s latest and fastest external storage solution, featuring Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, combined with two 7200 RPM WD Black hard drives and capacity of up to 12TB, making it a great storage solution for professional content creators and pro-consumers. Thanks to the latest WD Black 6TB capacity, the new WD My Book Pro can …

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Toshiba Q300 Pro and Q300 Series SSD Released, See Features, Specs and Price

Toshiba recently introduced two new leading-class internal SSD storage devices, the Toshiba Q300 Pro Series and Toshiba Q300 Series SSD. The Q300 Pro is a powerful SSD that is geared towards gamers, graphic designers and CAD engineers; while the Q300 Series is an efficient SSD designed for HDD upgrade and everyday computing. More information about these two new drives is …

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