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KLEVV Genuine DDR3 Memory Review: 8GB Dual Channel at 2666MHz

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Packaging and Closer Look

Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-01 Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-02 Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-03

The packaging of the Klevv Genuine DDR3 is a rather simple black box. There are no reading materials or stickers inside the box. Once you open the box you will see the two memory kits that are protected by an individual plastic covering.

Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-09 Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-04

Above are photos of both sides of the Genuine memory. You can see the KLEVV logo on the left side, while on the other side is the name of the memory which is “Genuine”. On the other side, a sticker is placed on the upper right corner of the heatsink indicating its model number, serial number, speed, memory timings, voltage and logos of the company and brand. Also this memory kit was made in Korea, and not the usual Taiwan or China.

Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-06 Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-05

Here are more photos from the bottom angle and from top angle. Now it’s time to remove the heatsink and let’s see what’s the heatsink made of and what’s beneath it.

Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-10

Above you see the Klevv Genuine strip off of the only aluminum part on its stylish heatsink design. To my disappointment, the whole heat spreader is not made of aluminum. Only the black portion was aluminum. The silver frame and top portion you see is actually plastic. This means that it doesn’t contribute to heat dissipation. Another thing is that the silver frame can easily get dents if bumped or pierced with a sharp object, like the tip of a screw driver. Now let’s remove the rest.

Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-12
Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-14 Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-15 Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-13

I didn’t remove the back portion since there were no ICs on the other side of the memory’s PCB, and the adhesive they used was very strong. Above you will see the different parts of the Genuine. There is a white bar that was inserted on the top portion of the memory. This spreads the white light coming from the LED evenly.

Klevv Genuine DDR3 Review-11

Here’s a close up photo of the memory chip used in the KLEVV Genuine. Essencore is using the SK hynix H5TQ4G83MFR memory chip. I also saw the H5TQ4G83MFR chip used in the ADATA XPG V3 8GB DDR3 2400MHz I reviewed before. Notice the yellow rectangular thing on the lower right corner of the photo above? That’s the white LED, and there are a total of 8 white LEDs in one stick. Now let’s see how the Genuine performs in our test bench.

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