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NZXT CAM – A Free Hardware Monitoring Application

NZXT has recently introduced a hardware monitoring application called CAM, designed to monitor your system’s specifications, temperature, load usage and the likes. The NZXT CAM is rather a simple tool specially if you don’t want any of those complicated hardware monitoring system, and the best part is, the application is free. Check out more details about the CAM from the official press release below.

NZXT CAM free hardware monitoring applcation

As computer hardware has advanced, monitoring software has become increasingly complex. Upgrading, managing and maintaining all of the components inside a computer can be a daunting task for both new builders and veterans alike.

CAM changes all of that – its streamlined interface combined with an interactive feature set provides a hassle-free approach to computer maintenance.

Giving a modern makeover to antiquated monitoring methods, CAM offers the ability to sync data with the cloud, allowing users to access data and control CAM from anywhere using a mobile device.

With its all-encompassing approach to PC health, CAM actively monitors and tracks important PC stats, ranging from network speeds and storage space to component temperatures and load usage over time, and much more.

CAM also offers a proactive approach to PC health by notifying users of issues long before they become big problems. It is the first monitoring software to provide meaningful notifications in real-time about things such as suggested upgrades, critical issues, malfunctioning hardware and more.

CAM is a big step in NZXT’s long-term goal of contributing to the growth and development of the DIY building community, and more is on the way.
For more information or to download the NZXT CAM for free, visit

Editor’s note: The NZXT CAM looks cool, tried and tested it. It gives you basic information about your system. But I think it needs improvements specially in the customization of the user interface.

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